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Liat’s work is characterized as warm, dynamic and slightly absurd. Via movement, the Israeli choreographer Liat Waysbort (1974) opens up a pallet of feelings and meanings. Always powerful, never sentimental, her atmospheric performances pull the spectator in. Continue reading

Liat Waysbort

Liat Waysbort (Israel 1974) began her dance career in Tel-Aviv, where she has been dancing with the Bat-Sheva Dance Company for nine years.
Liat completed her studies in the Netherlands, at the master choreography program of Codarts (Rotterdam), graduating in 2006.
Waysbort had started her creative work in Dansateliers in 2005, and continued with her very successful choreographic trajectories in Dansateliers since then. In 2006 Liat created „Memory happens now‟, and in 2008 ́Redreaming the work was choreographed. In 2009 ’Reality is shaped by recalling ́ had its premiere as the first full evening program of the Dansateliers Production House.
In that period Liat also created various works for companies such as „Conny Janssen Danst‟, “Dansgroep Amsterdam‟ and ‘The Meekers” which was received with favorable reviews and participated in national and international festivals such as „Spring Dance‟ Utrecht, ‘Recontres Choreographique’ Paris, ‘Interplay’ Torino and more.
Beside her work as a choreographer Liat is also teaching intensively in the Amsterdam School for the Arts and giving workshops for professionals in the Netherlands and Europe.


What’s Left

The new work ‘What’s Left’ was premiered successfully, 29th November 2012, in De Gouvernestraat theater in Rotterdam, and in The Melkweg theater in Amsterdam.

The audience was enthusiastic about the work and we had full house every performance.

The work had also been adjusted for youth program including workshops and discussions.

What’s Left is a vivid performance with five dancers, who run around, make signs, twist their hips and tickle themselves. The performance moves through different states, movement qualities and attitudes. There’s childlike and adult behavior, force and sweetness, humor and concentration. The dancers are playing: playing with notions of gender and other social codes, playing with each other and with the thoughts and experience of the audience.
With the musical score a filmic atmosphere is created, which reminds of westerns and cities, in which the dancers reveal an intriguing (inner) world. With a lot of energy and power of expression, the audience gets invited to connect with the dancers and the universe they disclose.



What, when & where


  • 12  May / Male Version / Rotterdam Schouwburg
  • 1-14 May / The seeking (of) F E L i X / Residency Bassano del Grappa, Italy
  • 1, 2 June / Male Version / Recontres Choreographique; Seine-Saint Denis, Paris
  • 28 June / The seeking (of) FELiX / ITS festival Ansterdam
  • 29, 30 June / The seeking (of) FELiX / Dance Theater AHK Amsterdam
  • 16 September / Felix Little / 24 uur cultuur /Rotterdam
  • 29 November – 8 December / What’s Left / Rotterdam and Amsterdam


  • 1 April / Female Version / Muziekgebouw aan het IJ Amsterdam/ wmmf
  • 8 April / Male Version / Melkweg, Amsterdam
  • 9 April / Male Version /  Melkweg, Amsterdam
  • 23 May / Male Version / Interplay festival, Torino , Italy
  • 10 September / Male Version / Rotterdam Gouvernestraat
  • 7 October / Male Version / Moving Meetings (NDD) Parkstad, Maastricht


Want to know or see more of my work? Contact me at liattwaysbort@gmail.com